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EvoRider Black Wireless Bike Speedo With Touch + Remote Button

£9.95 (Sold out)

Touch button, large display, back light, remote button and loads more as listed below:

From our EvoRider range is this new wireless bike speedo with over 20 functions an auto backlight and a large display to provide you with accurate readouts + new touch button/screen function to make this very easy to use

Remote function, wireless, large display, back light plus loads more as below:

So very easy to install, simply click the speedometer to your handlebar, connect the sensor to the fork - attach the magnet to the spoke and away you go - accurate results every time.


- Large display - Width 4cm | Thickness 1.2cm | Height 6cm
- Water resistant
- Option of KMH or MPH
- Green back light
- The maximum speed display is 99MPH
- Fits all wheel sizes, adjustable in settings menu
- Speedo just clicks off to avoid theft
- Ideal fitting for suspension forks
- Comes with everything you need including battery


- Current speed
- Average speed
- Odometer
- Trip distance
- Maximum speed
- Total trip down
- Total riding time
- Stopwatch
- Over speed reminder
- 12/24 hour clock
- Temperature display
- KM/MPH selection
- LCD Auto backlight
- + - Speed comparator
- Trip distance up
- Trip distance down
- Trip time up
- Trip time down
- Maintenance alert
- Low power reminder
- Auto on/off


1 x Wireless bike speedometer
1 x Transmitter sensor/Remote sensor
1 x Magnet
6 x Cable ties
2 x Cr2032 battery
1 x User manual

Overall a superb bike speedometer especially with the touch dispay and the remote button. We have this in both blue and black.

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